Halloween Photo Contest Entry: Tiny Bruiser

Posted: Oct 20 2009

Halloween Photo Contest Entry: Tiny Bruiser

Check out Tiny Bruiser! This cute little fellow is the latest entrant in PupLife’s 4th Annual Dog Halloween Costume Contest.

Here is some background information on Bruiser, direct from his guardian:

“Tiny Bruiser is our Chihuahua’s name. Tiny is approximately 2 ½ years old and is a rescue dog from our local animal control facility. This dog was adopted by my oldest sister Lucy and was given to my Mother Josephine as a gift on Valentine’s Day 2009. Tiny was to help my Mother divert her attention while she went through some rough times. My mother suffered a massive stroke that took her speech (she is slowly gaining it back) and also the death of her husband of 60 years. (Dad died last December 12th). Tiny is a special doggie who is now part of our family.”

Good luck to Tiny!


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