Halloween Photo Contest Entry: Echo The Astronaut

Posted: Oct 21 2009

Halloween Photo Contest Entry: Echo The Astronaut

Meet Echo. This sweet little pooch is entered in PupLife’s 4th Annual Hallowen Dog Costume Photo Contest.

Here is the background information on Echo’s amazing costume, direct from her guardian:

“This is echo our boston terrier dressed in our home made astronaut costume. Don’t worry she can breathe fine, we have taken necessary precautions to insure proper breathing is achieved. She actually has 2 helmets: 1 for the photo shoot which is not left on her than more than 15 seconds which has airholes around the base of her collar and a show helmet with a big hole cut out of the front. We are very concerned about costume safety and have been getting questions of concern.”

Good luck to Echo.


  • Posted by Katherine on June 26, 2011

    We have a black and white named JETSON. Jet flys with us in our Cessna, and struts atound our airport in Petaluma, CA like he owns it! We hope he will one day be able to be a Therapy dog, as he has so much joy to share. This costume is awesome!

  • Posted by phil on October 08, 2010

    I have a boston terrier apollo! I really want to make this costume for him. How did you make it? Or how much would it cost for me to pay you to make an extra. email me at nihonsuki@hotmail.com

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