PupLife's Top 5 New Year's Resolutions For Dog Owners

Posted: Dec 26 2009

PupLifes Top 5 New Years Resolutions For Dog Owners

The start of a new year is the perfect time for dog owners to take stock of their relationship with their pet and set some resolutions for the year ahead. As dog owners, we all want to improve the health and happiness of our pets. Committing to realistic New Year’s Resolutions can help dog owners improve the well being of their pets, and in turn, get more joy out of pet guardianship. Here are some easy New Year’s Resolutions for dog owners to adopt.

1) Schedule Vet Visits For Your Pet
If your pet hasn’t been to the vet in a while, make an appointment. Have your vet assess your dog’s weight, coat, teeth and nails for anything out of the ordinary. Regular vet visits can help identify potential health problems before they occur, and/or address them before they become chronic.

2) Check Your House For Potential Dog Safety Hazards
Take fifteen minutes to walk every inch of your house, yard and garage. Look closely for anything that might endanger your pet. Are there objects that your dog might mistakenly ingest? Loose cords from drapes are a potential hazard, and if your pet likes to counter surf, take the stove top dials off and store them out of your pet’s reach. In the back yard, search for jagged nails on fence posts and pound them flush. Are all of the gate latches secure? In the garage, make sure that all fluids (especially anti-freeze) are stored out of reach of your pet.

3) Double Check Your Dog’s ID Tags & Collars
Take off your pet’s collar and gently tug on your pet’s dog tag. Is it secure? If not, replace the o-ring and make sure that it won’t slip off. If you can, write your dog’s name inside of the collar, just in case your pet’s tag comes off accidentally. Is the phone number and address on your pet’s Dog Tag correct? If not, order a new one right away, and replace the old dog tag with a new, updated tag.

4) Step Up Your Dog Walks
Walking your dog is not only good for your pet, it is great exercise for you. Getting out of the house and exploring the neighborhood is also a fantastic way to clear the cobwebs and get a fresh perspective on things. If you only walk your pet before dinner, consider adding an early morning walk to your schedule. Another option is hiring a dog walker to come during the day and give your pooch a nice early afternoon stroll. Stepping up your dog walks is a great new year’s resolution, especially if you can make it part of your daily routine. If you want a better workout, consider walking with arm or leg weights to make the experience more intense for you.

5) Take Your Pet To Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Classes
Believe it or not, dog training classes can be fun. Positive reinforcement dog training classes are unique in that they focus on rewarding your pet’s good behavior. Most dogs have something that they really love (dog treats and toys are the most common) and in a positive reinforcement dog training class, you can learn how to get your pet to do the things you want (sit, or stay, for example). In return, your pooch will be rewarded with the things he or she wants (treats and toys). Positive reinforcement dog training works, and best of all, it helps strengthen the bond you have with your dog.

PupLife’s Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions For Dog Owners are fairly easy, so if you are willing to stay focused, you will be successful in the year ahead. Good luck from all of your friends at PupLife, and Happy New Year!


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    antoher tip – get your dog some very fun bones!

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