Dogs Calm Kids & Adults At Flu-Shot Clinic

Posted: Jan 09 2010

Tizzy at the Flu-Shot Clinic
Photo Credit: Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Tizzy, a Spinone Italiano (a type of Italian hunting dog) works each year at Carson City Health and Human Services’ flu-shot clinics easing the fears of worried children and adults. Owner, Stacey Belt, says Tizzy is great at holding hands with kids who are nervous. One of 13 certified disaster stress relief dogs in the West, Tizzy along with yellow Labradors, Suede and Spike, serve as the patient support team.

“We want folks to have no excuses,” said Pam Graber, Carson City Health Department spokeswoman. “We want to make it fun. We want to make it inviting. We’re going to do everything we can to get more Americans to come down and get vaccinated, protecting themselves and their community.”

Three “Woofs” for Tizzy, Suede and Spike!


  • Posted by Kyle Hansen on January 10, 2010

    What a great idea, as everyone knows the calming effect of dogs in our everyday lives!

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