3 New Breeds Debut At Westminster

Posted: Feb 14 2010


The Norwegian Buhund, the Irish Red-and-White Setter and the Pyrenean Shepherd make their Westminster debut this Monday, February 15th and Tuesday, February 16th. Although recently admitted to the American Kennel Club’s registry, these breeds have existed for centuries in Europe.

Once well-known on Scandinavian farms, Norwegian Buhunds became almost extinct in the early 20th century, but breeding programs in Europe, and more recently the U.S., have led to a resurgence. The Red-and-White Setter is a predecessor of the Irish Setter and up until recently was only being bred in Argentina. There are now U.S. breeders. And, the Pyrenean Shepherd has herded sheep in the Pyrenees Mountains of Southern France for centuries. The breed was admired for its service to the French troops during World War I. An astounding entry of 17 Pyrenean Shepherds at the 2010 Westminster reflects great dedication on the part of its owners and supporters.

Be sure to cheer on your favorite dog and handler teams at the 134th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this year!


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