Truffle Hunting Goes To The Dogs

Posted: Feb 18 2010

Photo: Damon Boorman holds truffles found by his dog Erroll
Photo Credit: Krista Simmons for the Los Angeles Times.

France has historically been king of the Perigord truffle, but these prized culinary delights have recently been discovered in Western Australia. Certain types of truffles, like the Perigold, can fetch more than $75 (US) an ounce.

Damon Boorman, head truffle hunter and operations manager at the Wine & Truffle Co. in Manjimup, Australia used to train drug dogs for Australian Customs and Border Protection, but now he preps six pups to sniff out the pungent fungi, which grow underground in a symbiotic relationship with the hazelnut and oak trees.

Pigs were traditionally employed to hunt truffles, but when trained properly, dogs do a great job and they’ll work for a biscuit. Not too shabby!


  • Posted by Faredin on August 24, 2012

    The best way and much more efectivly to find the truffle is throgh Goats and Bees.They detected the flouver and aroma of the rippen tartuffi.The story is very simple.

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