Stem Cell Therapy For Dogs

Posted: Feb 21 2010

A Kansas dog recently received stem cell therapy to treat arthritis with promising results. Monty, a shepherd mix, was injected with his own adult stem cells in an effort to relieve his arthritis.

Dr. Matt Peuser of the Olathe Animal Hospital sent a sample of Monty’s fatty tissue to a California lab that extracted his stem cells and sent them back to Olathe the next day for the therapeutic treatment. “Fat was collected behind his shoulder, and then we actually did the injection in his hip right in this area,” Dr. Peuser said.

The stem cells help Monty regrow his cartilage. Studies have shown stem cell therapy of this kind to be about 80% effective in animals. While expensive, on average the treatment costs $3000, it is comparable to conventional surgical treatment. Read the full article here.


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