Dogs: A Mom's Best Friend For Fitness

Posted: Mar 04 2010

Dogs: A Moms Best Friend For Fitness

Anthrozoology recently reported research from Deakin University that shows mothers and children in families with dogs spend significantly more time exercising than those in families without dogs.

“Dog ownership has been shown to be associated with increased levels of walking in adults, but until now less had been known about the association with physical activity and children,” says researcher Dr Jo Salmon from the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences.

“This latest research clearly shows that children and mothers in families who own a dog spend significantly more time exercising than those without a dog. Our findings include:

- Mothers are 70% more likely to meet physical activity recommendations if they own a dog;
- On average, younger girls with a dog performed 29 minutes more exercise than those without a dog; and
- 50% of younger children (aged 5 to 6) and 62% of older children (aged 10 to 12) walk the dog in a typical week.

Read the full article here.


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