Family Counseling Therapy Dogs

Posted: Mar 20 2010

Family counselor, Tara Moser, LCSW, enlists the help of her dogs, Bode and Abbey, to help children through difficult times and crisis situations.

Ms. Moser first heard about the concept of pet therapy several years ago and corresponded with a therapist in Pennsylvania who was already using pets in her practice. Moser started working with her dogs and put them to work in her practice in 2006.

“There are a lot of times during therapy when I’m blending in with the couch or wall and Abbey or Bode will listen unconditionally,” Moser said. “They keep secrets.”

Clients get to know both dogs and can request the dog that makes them feel the most comfortable, or they can choose not to have a dog in the room during therapy. Moser said about 95 percent of her clients choose to have one of the dogs in the room during the 50-minute session.

Read more about the strides these terrific therapy dogs are making with kids in need here.


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