The Nose Knows

Posted: Aug 04 2010

Researchers in Paris successfully trained a Belgian Malinois to sniff out prostate cancer in urine samples. This amazing canine correctly detected the presence or absence of prostate cancer 63 out of 66 times during a presentation to the American Urological Association. Doctors hope the study will help to identify men most at risk for the disease.


  • Posted by Sonya Rose on August 12, 2010

    This is a very interesting study. I know our family’s dog, Luke, followed my dad everywhere, like a hawk, sending signals … right up till he was diagnosed with cancer. My dad’s treatment (radiation seed implants) turned out very successful. It wasn’t easy to get through that time period, of course, but, Luke was by his side 24/7. Now, Luke has cancer and the Vet is removing three harmful tumors tomorrow, to prolong his life, just a little bit longer… I wish that dogs would get the same treatment as humans do. I’ve had such a difficult time in the past with my dogs & cancer that we just got pet health insurance for our new pup … Just want him to get the best treatment as possible.

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