Featured Photo: Huckleberry & Olive

Posted: Aug 07 2010

Meet Huckleberry and Olive. These two pups have one track minds: find the bunny! Aren't they cute?


  • Posted by Gwen Ross on August 14, 2010

    This is way to precious. WOW, they are
    now stars to everyone (we new it ).
    Hope you guys are doing well. I miss

  • Posted by Sonya Rose on August 12, 2010

    Ah, that’s so adorable! I want a second lab, too! Well, after Sonny’s training is done. He’s a pistol @ 4 months. Do labs ever grow up? Or do they stay puppies forever?… :)

  • Posted by Tim Carr on August 09, 2010

    Cute as hell is right. Hope Daddy stayed dry. And what hams they are.

  • Posted by Aunt Sharon & Uncle Ron Clymer on August 07, 2010

    Hi Sweethearts… I’ve kept this wonderful photo on my desk top to look at again and again. Love it and so glad it was chosen to be featured on the web site. We love you kids. Aunt Sharon & Uncle Ron 8/7/2010

  • Posted by TomD on August 07, 2010

    Cute as hell. I can see where they get their good looks from RN.

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