Dogs Detect Low Blood Sugar In Kids

Posted: Aug 18 2010

Known for their great sniffers, dogs have been trained to detect everything from bombs to drugs and even cancer. Now, in an exciting new effort, special dogs are being trained to detect high and low blood sugar levels in children.

Created by the Dallas-based Diabetes Friendly Foundation, the "K-9 for Kids" program provides assistance in locating Diabetic Alert Dogs (DADs) while also providing funding for the training and placement of the animals for families in need.

Deanna Whitehead, a teenager with Type 1 diabetes says, "Without JD, my diabetes alert dog, I was afraid to do a lot of things but JD has given me the confidence to live my life now and to not be afraid anymore. I trust him to take care of me and it's an awesome feeling.  I love JD."

The Diabetes Friendly Foundation™ (DFF) was founded to create product awareness in the food industry and to empower consumers who are looking for healthy alternatives.


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