Goodbye Rover, Hello Oscar

Posted: Aug 20 2010

In the UK, as in America, more pet owners are ditching traditional pet names for popular children's names. The Mail Online, reports that many Brits are naming their pets Poppy, Molly and Alfie. A study conducted by British insurance giant found nearly half of today's dog owners choose current or contemporary names for their puppies rather than traditional ones.

The main inspiration for four out of ten dog owners was the appearance of the dog, while 40 per cent said they drew ideas from television shows - or the characters in them.

A further 27 per cent name their pooch after their favourite pop star, 16 per cent look to children's movies for ideas and 25 per cent of dogs have been named after TV pets.

Incredibly, 21 per cent of dog owners reckoned it was just as hard choosing a name for a dog as it is a child.

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