Pets On The Job

Posted: Sep 07 2010

20% of American companies allow pets in the workplace, according to a study by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). The study also revealed that having pets at work means more productivity, lower stress, less absenteeism and even greater employee willingness to work overtime.

If the highly successful Take Your Pets to Work Day, occurring annually in June, is any indication this trend is definitely on the upswing. Looking for a pet-friendly employer? Sites like offer a data base of companies that are dog-friendly along with more progressive businesses allow birds and other pets. recently offered some tips on establishing a pet friendly work environment. Here are the top 3 strategies:

• Create a policy that includes what type of pets your company will allow and when, where and how they will be welcomed into your workplace.

• The policy must respect co-workers' space and make sure the pet(s) do not frighten co-workers or are not around co-workers with health or allergy issues that would be compromised by the pet.

• Forewarn all employees that pets are coming and when.


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