Hypoallergenic Dog Myth?

Posted: Jul 19 2011

A recent study conducted by Henry Ford’s Department of Public Health Sciences measured the allergen output of hypoallergenic dogs, like the labradoodle. Scientists reported that they did not find any measurable differences between so-called hypoallergenic breeds and other dogs.

The label, hypoallergenic, is generally given to breeds that shed little or not at all and do not salivate excessively, however the researchers acknowledged that there is no single list of hypoallergenic dogs. Their study found that these traits seem to do little to reduce allergens. One important finding, according to the study’s senior author, Christine Cole Johnson, indicates that  an individual's exposure to a dog early in life provides protection against dog allergy development later on. The study will be published online later this month in the American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy.


  • Posted by dog grooming irvine on July 28, 2011

    Wow this is pretty surprising. My girlfriend has allergy problems with certain dogs and we were about to get a dog so this is definitely something we are going to take into consideration. We were thinking of getting a Westiepoo.

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