Obese Dog & Cat Numbers On The Rise

Posted: Aug 22 2011

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune highlighted the growing number of obese dogs and cats. According to the article, pets like people, are getting fatter.  Fifty-four percent of dogs and cats are overweight or obese, reports the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. The most common side effects are osteoarthritis; insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes, primarily in cats; high blood pressure; heart and respiratory diseases; and joint problems. 

Many pet owners become complacent, get busy and stop walking their dogs, reward them with fattening treats, equate food with love and maybe figure their cats prefer to sleep all the time. Exercise is essential. Be sure to talk with your vet about the right kinds of exercise for your dog or cat. It's especially important not to do too much too quickly. 

And, there are some great ways to cut calories without depriving your pet by switching to carrots and green beans instead of high carb snacks like biscuits and cookies. You can also cut your dog's meals 1/4 by adding low-fat, plain yogurt. It's satisfying and packed with healthy protein and probiotics. Switching from kibble to a dehydrated raw diet is another great way to help your pet slim down. Low calorie treats are also a great way to keep your dog's weight in check.

Helping your pet lose unwanted pounds isn't easy but it will prolong your pet's life and significantly increase your pet's quality of life if he or she suffers from obesity related problems like diabetes or joint pain.


  • Posted by Sandra on August 27, 2011

    Our family’s pack of dog’s weight gain set off various ailments. A couple expensive vet treatments inspired me to understand what I could do to improve my dog’s health and fitness. After about year of trying several approaches that yielded not much, I began visiting dog health forums. The golden nugget of advice was the use of highly active probiotic supplements. Our dog’s health made a 180 degree turn.

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