Halloween Photo Contest Entry: Operation Doctors

Posted: Sep 25 2011

Dogs Names: Aladdin and Phoenix

On a spooky Halloween night, the evil surgeon Phoenix decided to play a game of Operation. Poor Cavity-Aladdin's nose didn't stop lighting up and buzzing as Phoenix removed his funny bone, spare ribs, and charlie horse. Despite this, the evil doctor proclaimed the Operation a success!

Aladdin and Phoenix are golden retriever "brothers" who love to go on vacation, travel by boat, bus, car. etc., go out to eat, see outdoor music, and meet people. They also love their special themed birthday parties. In fact, Aladdin's last birthday had a Toyland theme, and this inspired them to dress up this Halloween as the Game of Operation. Their costumes and props were home-made. We took a hospital gown and cut out craft foam pieces in the shapes of different body parts from the game and colored the edges silver. We also hollowed out a large red foam ball for the nose. We used small salad tongs and turned them into the tweezers from the game with red felt. We also created a platform for Aladdin to lie on that looked like the gameboard box out of red and yellow posterboard. Happy Halloween from Aladdin and Phoenix!


  • Posted by Michelle on October 10, 2011

    I love this! These guys are so creative and the dogs are such good sports. Good luck Aladdin and Pheonix- it would be nice to see you win!

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