Halloween Photo Contest Entry: Izzie The Pirate

Posted: Sep 26 2011


My dog's name is Izzie. We rescued Izzie from a local shelter when she was approx. 2 yrs. of age. She was very skinny and timid, not the most attractive dog in the bunch. She was in desperate need of some TLC and that is what caught my eye and my heart. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She makes us smile with her unconditional love and need for affection.  
I love Halloween and dressing up my children. Since they are now teenagers, Izzie has replaced them as my dress up project. Izzie is approximately 5 yrs. in age. Past Halloweens, she has been a rodeo horse with a cowboy strapped to her back and a Dole bannana.She takes  it all in stride. This year she is a pirate. We took the picture in our backyard next to the pool. I love her sideways smile. 


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