Halloween Photo Contest Entry: The Wizard Of Oz Gang

Posted: Oct 10 2011

These are my babies ready for the Halloween season.
Roxy is the mature one of the group, very noble and loving.  Phoebe is the carefree one, but very loyal to her family, & Molly is the baby of the group, always needing the attention.  Kiara and Kovu were raised with dogs so they are very much like a dog. 

Roxy as the scarecrow - Australian Shepherd 12 yrs.
Phoebe as the tinman - Australian Shepherd 10.5 yrs
Molly as Toto - Brussels Griffon 6 yrs
Kiara as Dorthy - Egyptian Mau 6 yrs
Kovu as the cowardly lion - Mainecoon  4.5 yrs


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