Halloween Photo Contest Entry: Munchkins Of Oz

Posted: Oct 30 2011

The photo I am entering is of my four yorkshire terriers, also known as my "munchkins". My nickname for them inspired me to do a "wizard of oz" theme for their Halloween costumes.  All of their costumes are home made and hand sewn, right down to "Dorothy's" hand applied sparkles on her shoes!". I also set up all of the props (the yellow brick road was also home made) and took the picture myself.

Jaden, my boy, is the "cowardly lion" in the photo. He was my first yorkie that I ever had and he is very laid back and timid with new people. Once he gets to know you, he loves to cuddle, his favorite place is on his Mommy's lap. Jesamine, one of my girls, is the "tin man" in the photo. She is my smallest at a bit over 2 pounds and definitely is the BOSS around here!

Javelin, another one of my girls, is the "scarecrow" in the photo. She falls in love with every person she meets in about two seconds; She loves to give lots of kisses and her tail is always wagging. Jewelina, my oldest of the three girls, is "Dorothy" in the photo. She loves to go outside and to go for ride's in the car but, also loves curling up in a favorite bed beside the people she loves because, "there is no place like home".

Thanks for letting us enter your contest!


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