You Ate What?

Posted: Feb 07 2012

That's a question that most pet parents have asked at least once in their lives! But, did you know that pet owners spent nearly $5.2 million dollars on treatments for the removal of foreign objects from their pets' digestive tracts in 2011? 
This is NOT a meal!

Veterinary Pet Insurance Company (VPI) reported that it processed 6500 claims for the removal of foreign objects last year alone. This kind of life-saving surgery can cost anywhere from $1400-$1900. That can't be easy to swallow. But, it's a great incentive to pet-proof your home by making sure that tantalizing items are kept well out of your dog's (or cat's) reach. 

Here's a list of just some of the items dogs and cats ingested last year based on VPI's report:

Hair Bands
Pine Cones
Baby Bottle Nipples
Dental Floss
Scrub Brushes
Artificial Finger Nails
Golf Balls
Dental Retainers
Pillow Cases
A Dead Porcupine
Wedding Rings
Aluminum Cans

*We are happy to note that the dogs and cats implicated in this report were successfully treated and made full recoveries. 


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