Dogs In The Workplace

Posted: Feb 20 2012

Photo credit: Evan Richman, Boston Globe

As animal lovers, we all know the value our pets bring to our lives. It turns out more and more employers are recognizing those benefits and allowing pets in the workplace. 

According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association (APPMA), over 50 million respondents believe that having pets in the workplace creates a more productive environment, improves interpersonal relationships and leads to more creativity. 

Tips for creating a dog and human friendly workplace
  • Keep dogs on a leash, unless they are in the employee's office or cubicle. Not everyone loves puppy kisses. Co-workers who want to pet your dog will likely come to you.
  • Use a baby gate to prevent a dog from leaving your office unsupervised. Try to give the dog space to roam in your office.
  • Certain areas such as bathrooms or dining halls should be designated as dog-free.
  • Have a backup plan for taking the dog home if it isn't comfortable in the work environment.


  • Posted by Sue Hotkowski on February 29, 2012

    We take our Newfoundland to work with us every day and he loves it. It took probably a full month for him to get used to the schedule but now he’s a regular. We do have a sign that says there is a dog on the premises so no one is surprised and there is a leash always attached to my desk if I feel someone who has come in isn’t comfortable with him. All in all I walk more than I would and everyone loves to see his happy face and pet him when he comes by their office. He’s also amazing with all noises .. forktrucks, machine shop noises and anything else. I love it…

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