Tips For Traveling With Your Pet

Posted: Mar 05 2012

Traveling With Your Pet

More and more Americans are choosing to vacation with their pets. If you're planning a trip with your furry friend, here are some secrets to creature comfort on the road. 

Identification Is Important
Make sure your pets are outfited with collars and ID tags that list your current cell phone number(s) so in case of emergency you can be reached immediately. It's also a good idea to pack a photo of your pet(s) along with vaccination records and microchip information. Better safe than sorry.

Car Safety
Make sure you clear a comfortable space for your pet in your vehicle. Many dogs like the security of traveling in a crate and there are some great travel crates on the market. If a crate won't fit in your auto, consider packing your dog's favorite bed or blanket. For safety and security, do not allow your pets to ride in the front seat or jump back and forth. And, while tempting, never let your dog hang her head out the window while traveling at high speeds to avoid potential injury. 

Fast Food
Bring plenty of fresh water and healthy snacks for your pet. It's best to stick to your dog's regular diet to avoid tummy upsets. You may find feeding smaller meals throughout the day a good option while traveling as well. Dehydrated foods are especially handy when traveling and are easily prepared on the spot or in advance and kept in a travel cooler. 

Rest Stops
Always keep your pets leashed at rest areas or where ever you make a pit stop. Even if your dog has a solid recall at home, you don't want to take a chance when you're on the road and far from home. Also, remember that other folks and families may be traveling with their pets and it's not polite to let your pooch run up to an unfamilar dog. 

Hotel Stays
Make sure to call ahead and reserve a pet-friendly room. Many budget hotels and upscale properties set rooms aside for patrons with pets but be aware they may charge a pet deposit. When checking in to your hotel make sure to potty your dog before settling in for the night. If your dog does have an accident clean it up with a little water and baking soda (that you've packed for the occasion).


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