Natural Relief For Dogs From Spring Thunderstorm Fears

Posted: Mar 15 2012

Thunderstorm Relief For Dogs

Spring is in the air, and with the excitement of warmer weather, longer daylight hours, birdsong, and new green sprouts, we know it also means thunderstorms. If your dog suffers from thunderstorm anxiety now is the time to prepare in order to help your dog cope this common behavioral issue. 

Many dogs suffer from thunderstorm anxiety and can exhibit behaviors including excessive shaking, digging, panting and whining during storms. In addition to providing a safe, indoor space for your pet during storms there are several natural, holistic products available that utilize your dog's sense of smell and touch to help them stay calm. 

Canine Calm offers soothing aromatherapy with essential oils including bergamot, lavender and geranium. This soothing mist can be lightly sprayed behind your dog's ears or in her crate or bed for a gentle, effective way to calm jittery nerves. 

Sleepy Time Tonic is an herbal elixir made with all-natural valerian root and Bach flower remedies. Custom formulated by leading herbalist, Robert McDowell, Sleepy Time Tonic works to balance the metabolic system and the nervous system providing relief for overstimulated dogs. 

The Anxiety Wrap has been providing gentle, effective relief from thunderstorm fears for over a decade. Based on the Tellington Touch method of Maintained Pressure, the Anxiety Wrap affects your dog's sensory receptors that communicate with the brain and the central nervous system. Our blog post on how the Anxiety Wrap Helps Dogs That Are Afraid Of Thunderstorms is a great primer. Wearing the Anxiety Wrap, your dog receives positive input that is even, rhythmic, and repetitive, producing a calming of the mind and body even during the worst storms.


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