Safety First: The Pet Poison Prevention Center

Posted: Mar 26 2012

Protect Your Dog From Poisons

At PupLife, your pet's safety is of the utmost importance. We are always searching for ways to keep your pet safe, so when we learned that Embrace Pet Insurance created a Pet Poison Prevention Center, we knew it was something we just had to share right away. 

The Poison Prevention Center was created to educate and inform pet owners about the most common household poison threats to dogs and cats.  Streamlined and easy-to-use, the Poison Prevention Center offers a quick overview for pet parents. From food to chemicals to poisonous plants, this page offers valuable information to help keep pets safe.  This guide contains information on pet poisons that can be found in human food, household chemicals, human medications and more. In addition, the center lists the 17 most common poisonous plants.

While do not endorse one pet insurance company over another (or the choice to use pet insurance over a pet health savings account), we certainly commend Embrace Pet Insurance for posting this useful guide to pet poisons. Please remember to keep your pet safe!


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