Top Ten Dog Breeds In America For 2012

Posted: Apr 01 2012

Top Ten Dog Breeds For 2012
Good news for Labrador lovers: the Labrador Retriever once again topped the AKC list of registered dog breeds in 2011. This wonderful breed (can you tell that we are fans of labs and perhaps maybe just a little biased?) has now been the most popular dog breed in America for 21 straight years. Wow.

The long "winning streak" for Labradors can be seen as a confirmation of the dog's reputation for loyalty, it's playful nature and, probably most all, it's reputation as a family friendly dog. Labradors are sweet, slightly silly at times, and seem to have an innate sense of human emotion, knowing exactly when their owners need a little hug or a game of fetch.

The American Kennel Club's list also showed a rise in popularity for the Beagle. This dog breed rose from #4 on the list to #3, jumping ahead of the Yorkshire Terrier. Entering the top ten in 2011 was Rottweiler, a breed that is definitely growing in popularity in the U.S. 

Wondering if your favorite dog breed make the list? Here is the official top ten list of most popular dog breeds in the U.S., as reported by the American Kennel Club.

1) Labrador Retriever
2) German Shepherd
3) Beagle
4) Golden Retriever
5) Yorkshire Terrier
6) Bulldog
7) Boxer
8) Poodle
9) Dachsund
10) Rottweiler


  • Posted by Cheryl Istvan on April 01, 2012

    You know I think Labs are the best! Would love to see you again. I wonder if Mags would still whine and roll over when she saw you? I’ll bet she would!! :-) BTW, I see that Cattle Dogs did NOT make thelist; Mags would agree.

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