Top 3 Reasons We Love Lupine Collars

Posted: Apr 21 2012

When we started almost ten years ago, one of the first products that we added to the site was Lupine Collars. The reason? We were already big fans of their collars, leashes and harnesses. We had adopted a dog (Daisy, the inspiration for PupLife) from a rescue group and were searching for the best products for her. At a positive reinforcement dog training session with Daisy, we noticed that almost half of the dog's in the class were wearing Lupine Collars. Asking around the group, we quickly found out why.

1) Lupine Collars Are Gorgeous
Let's face it, the number one priority when choosing any dog collar is to find a style that suits your pet's personality and look. You want your pet to look their best. Lupine collars come in a wide variety of styles and patterns. At PupLife we are lucky enough to stock many retired Lupine collar patterns and out of stock styles. What Lupine collar pattern is your favorite? Let us know.

2) Lupine Collars Are Durable
Durability is a big concern for all dog owners choosing a collar for their pet. That's why Lupine collars are legendary in the marketplace. In fact, all Lupine collars are guaranteed - even if chewed. Now that's a guarantee with teeth.

3) You Can Trust Lupine Collars
This is important. Today, consumers have an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to collars. There are so many new brands and companies popping up every day. And so many closing their doors soon after. If your collar is destroyed, your chances of having these business address your problem is slim. PupLife has been selling Lupine Collars for almost ten years, and Lupine has been an outstanding brand for us from day one. You can trust PupLife and Lupine to be there for you, and your dog for years to come. 

We love Lupine Collars, the company and their products. We are confident that if you give them (and us) a try, you and your four legged friend will feel the same way.


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