Spring Dog Photo Festival 2012: Tala and Jasper

Posted: Apr 25 2012

"My entry into your photo contest is our rescued "odd couple" - Tala, the husky/wolf mix and Jasper the blind spaniel mix."

Do you have a cool photo of your dog? Enter your photo in our Spring Dog Photo Festival. You might just win a free Lupine Collar, Leash and Harness set. Wow!


  • Posted by Antonella on June 17, 2012

    You’re the greteast! JMHO

  • Posted by Betty on May 01, 2012

    Such a sweet “odd” couple..they are so lucky to be rescued and I am sure they are happy. Looks like Jasper has someone special to look after him and “show” him around.

  • Posted by Cristy on April 25, 2012

    So cute !!

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