Traveling With Your Pup – What You Need To Know

Posted: Jul 01 2012

The following is a guest post by Louise Blake

Summer is here and if you’re planning on taking your dog on holiday with you, be it to the beach, on a camping trip or even to another country, it’s important to think about their welfare in the same way that you would think about what to pack in your suitcase or where to go on a sightseeing trip.

On the Road
Long car journeys can be stressful for your dog so it’s important to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Invest in a travel bed that can pack away easily, and bring their favourite toy or dog blanket, so that they have something which smells and feels familiar.

Healthy and Happy
If your pup has a medical condition it’s important to pack any dog medication they may be taking. If it is a routine course of medication, ensure your supply will last the duration of your holiday. 

Visit your vet for a check-up before you travel for peace of mind, and don’t forget to check your pet insurance policy to make sure your precious pooch is covered if travelling abroad.

Keep Cool
When holidaying somewhere hot and sunny, it’s important to keep your dog cool – if they aren’t used to long journeys in a hot car, make sure you bring plenty of water for them to drink. Stop regularly so they can stretch their legs and remember to wind the car windows down half way to allow fresh air to circulate within your vehicle. 

The American Kennel Club has further advice on how to keep your pup cool in hot weather.

Play by the Rules
Check with your accommodation in advance that it’s ok to bring your dog, and read up on restrictions that your destination might impose; are dogs allowed on the beach during the summer months, does your dog require a lead when out in public, and is it against the law not to wear a collar? 

A summer holiday should be fun for all the family so ensure you do your research ahead of your trip, and you’ll all have a great time!

About Louise Blake
Louise Blake is a career-focused mum-to-be with a passion for animal welfare. She can’t wait to be a mum, though she worries about how her beloved pets will cope with the new arrival. When Louise isn’t working as a Client Manager she can be found blogging for GKBC.


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