TV For Dogs? Believe It!

Posted: Aug 01 2012

At PupLife we are always searching for cool new trends in the pet industry. One of the neatest ideas we have heard in a long time is DOGTV. 

As its name suggests, DOGTV is television designed exclusively for dogs.  Its producers spent hundreds of hours to create content that caters to a dog’s well being and unique sense of sight, hearing and movement detection. Everything from the visuals – the scenery, scenarios, color palettes and camera angles – to the audio soundtracks were selected with a dog’s experience in mind. 

We also like the fact that DOGTV is created with the dog's well being first in mind. DOGTV programming is organized into relaxation, stimulation and exposure segments that provide just the right balance for the daily cycle of "stay-at-home" pups. “Animals need visual and auditory simulation throughout the day. DOGTV presents a breakthrough with programming that is created specifically for dogs,” said Dr. Nicholas H. Dodman, BVMS, MRCVS, a veterinarian specializing in animal behavior. “It will help millions of dogs that are left home alone every day and also help pet parents who don’t have the luxury of taking their dog with them to work or paying for doggy daycare.”

Currently, DOGTV is only offered on TV in the San Diego test market. However, it’s available as a streaming online channel that can be accessed by any pet lover in the world. Plus, our friends at DOGTV have created a special offer just for PupLife readers. When you use the special promotion code PUPLIFE50 you'll receive 50 percent off the online streaming price for the first month. 

To sign up for DOGTV online streaming or for more information, please visit the DOGTV Web Site or like DogTV On Facebook. Have your dog check it out and let us know what you think!


  • Posted by Emma Messner on August 15, 2012

    It’s great that there’s a TV channel for dogs. Wow.
    I really love dogs.

  • Posted by Murray's Mouth on August 05, 2012

    An interesting idea. Excited to see what the response is.

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