New Feature: PupLife Customer Accounts

Posted: Aug 07 2012

If you've placed an order at recently, you might have noticed something new - customer accounts. 

PupLife customer accounts are very cool. You can now store and edit your existing addresses within your own account - which can help speed you through the checkout process on subsequent orders. Plus, you can always log in and check the status of past orders, as well as view a detailed account of your order history. This can be a real time saver and it also helps you remember information about orders (sizes on dog collars, harnesses, etc.) that you might have placed in the past. We're glad to offer this to our customers.

Setting up an account is easy. Place an order with a "Guest Log In" to start. 

After your first order is complete you will be given the option to create an account associated with the information you provided with your order. You will be asked to then associate a password to protect your account. Please note that for your own privacy and security, we do not store credit card information. You will need to provide this every time you place an order. Again, this is for your own security.

On subsequent visits, you can simply click on the log in button on's top header.

Logging in from any page on the site allows you to quickly access all of your past order information and shipping addresses. This also will speed up your checkout process - since once you log in, this data is at the ready. 

In the future, we hope to add more features such as this to enhance your PupLife experience. Suggestions or comments? Let us know!


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