53% Of Dog Owners Travel With Their Pets

Posted: Sep 19 2012

53% Of Dog Owners Travel With Their Pets

If you like traveling with your pet, you are not alone. In fact, according to a new survey commissioned by PetPlan Pet Insurance, 53% of all pet owners like to travel with their pet. 

Some other interesting responses to the survey include:

• 44% are willing to spend up to $150 to travel with their pet
• 22% are willing to travel over 50 miles with their pet
• 54% have stayed at pet friendly hotels
• 6% are willing to spend on a souvenir for their pet
• 26% have traveled by airplane

Traveling with your dog can be a fun experience, enhancing the bond between pet and pet owner. It also brings a new perspective to your travel plans, often bringing you to locations that you did not previously consider. Finding dog parks in new places can be fun and meeting new friends (both human and canine) always enhances your experience too.

The PupLife pups are big dogs, and they are a bit fussy, so flying by airplane isn't really a convenient option. However, they love going on car trips out of state to visit relatives and have been on long vacations by car as well. Of course, when the PupLife dogs travel, they need to have all of their favorite dog toys, and are always outfitted with the proper dog collars, tags and safety gear.

Do you travel with your pet or take your dog with you on vacation? Let us know your travel stories - we'd love to hear them!


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