Top 3 Benefits Of Playing With Your Dog

Posted: Oct 01 2012

Let's face it: after a long hard day at work, we often don't have a lot of energy left. 

Feeding the dog, walking the dog and then making dinner are things that need to be done and by that point, we might be thinking about hitting the couch. 

But wait! Playing with your dog should also be on your evening and weekend to-do list, and here's why: 

It Keeps Your Pet Out of Trouble 
Like humans, dogs need to blow off steam every once in awhile. It helps to keep their minds functioning at their peak and it beats the blahs. Dogs that are bored can become lethargic, or even worse, can start looking for things to get into. Playing with your dog helps your pet to interact with you and the environment in a positive way. A game of fetch, or chasing each other around the back yard is not just fun for your pet, it is good for them too. 

The Interaction Creates Deeper Bonding
This one is obvious, and for pretty much the same reasons. Sure, you might be tired and want to watch an episode of Mad Men, but why not DVR that episode and play with your best friend instead. You'll be surprised at how much better you will feel when play time is over. In fact, you usually will feel a bit refreshed. The interaction with your dog makes the worries and drama of the day melt away. Once your pet is tired out, you can both settle in on the couch and fire up your favorite tv show. The interaction truly creates a better bonding between pet and "parent". 

It Is Great Exercise For You & Your Pet
When you and your pet can run around a bit, it is obviously good exercise for you both. It may not be the equivalent of a half hour on a stair master but it sure beats sitting on the couch eating Fritos. Chasing tennis balls or your pet's favorite Dog Toy around the yard or dog park gets the blood flowing and when you do it regularly, it is a great way to knock off a few calories. An active dog (and dog owner) is always a good thing in the long run. 

By playing with your dog on a regular basis you can keep your pet from getting bored, increase the bonding level between you and your pet and even work off a couple extra calories. 

Sound good? Now who wants to play? Woof!


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