Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Paulito & Guizeppi

Posted: Oct 05 2012

These two handsome gentleman are Paulito(white/black) and Guizeppi (all black). They are my two beautiful long haired chiuahuas, and they LOVE Halloween, can't you tell? Every year, counting 10 now, we dress them up and bring them to a pumpkin patch for pictures, food and fun. Recently, we have been visiting a farm in Flemmington, NJ, that is just amazing! Tons of pumpkins, and the best BBQ you ever had. They, (Paulito & Guizeppi) probably won't admit it, but I'm sure that's why they love going year after year. At the end of our trip, we always reward them with full bellies of BBQ pork and cornbread! How else do you think we get those fabulous smiles? It's always one of my favorite times of year!

Both of these guys are getting up there in age. Guizeppi will be 9 in November, and Paulito is 10! They still act like 1 month old puppies, you would never know by looking at them. They are not related, but you can tell they have truly formed a brotherly love towards each other. They are my life! My days, nights, and Halloweens would not be these same without them!
Thank you for letting us share these amazingly fun photos! We will keep our fingers crossed! :)


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