Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Abby The Bee

Posted: Oct 05 2012

"Fly Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee"

I bought my high energy labradoodle named “Abby,” this Bumble Bee costume, because she can jump up (fly like a butterfly) and bust my lip (sting like a bee) one single leap. It’s getting kinda old but I still love her! I hope she wins the contest!


  • Posted by tammy h on October 15, 2012

    That’s a mighty big bee!

  • Posted by Bettie on October 08, 2012

    Abby is “Super-Dog”

  • Posted by Christy on October 08, 2012

    Abby is so cute in her bee costume

  • Posted by Meredith on October 07, 2012

    Abby, You are so cute! Good luck!! And Happy Halloween! :)

  • Posted by Tammy on October 07, 2012

    Abby, you are the biggest bumble bee i have ever seen!! you must get fed good:)

  • Posted by Granny Kitty on October 07, 2012

    My grand puppy is very beautiful and keeps her mommy busy. Thats why she is a bee.

  • Posted by Dalton on October 07, 2012

    Abby you look adorable! ! Best of luck!

  • Posted by Vickie on October 06, 2012

    She may be dressed like a bee and she bee sweet as can bee!!!Love the costume!! You go girl!!

  • Posted by Rachel on October 05, 2012

    Buzzzzzzzz! yay! Abby!

  • Posted by Mary Ann Williams on October 05, 2012

    I haven’t met Abby in person, but I sure do love the pictures her owner sends me. I hope she wins!!!

  • Posted by Bettye White on October 05, 2012

    Keep on flying, Abby!! Love the hat :)

  • Posted by Diane on October 05, 2012

    Too funny!

  • Posted by Kim Burgess on October 05, 2012

    Love the sting like a bee comment!! LOL!!!

  • Posted by Kim on October 05, 2012

    Well if she aint the cutest bumble bee I ever seen!! She could sting me anytime…haha!! :-)

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