Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Bailey The Wedding Dog

Posted: Oct 06 2012

This is five year old ShihTzu, Bailey as a handsome, dapper wedding dog. Bailey loves to dress up and loves to go to weddings (when he is invited). Bailey has a very fun personality and a big heart to be a comfort when someone is ill. He loves going for rides and loves peanut butter treats from his vet. We are keeping paws crossed that he might have a chance this year. 


  • Posted by Diana on October 09, 2012

    Bailey looks so sweet in his little tuxedo!

  • Posted by Megan on October 09, 2012

    Bailey is adorable!!!

  • Posted by Kimberly Forrest on October 08, 2012

    You are a wonderful wedding dog Bailey. I bet you get as much attention as the bride and groom. You look so handsome in you tux.

    Good Luck
    I hope you win this year.

  • Posted by Ginger on October 07, 2012

    Bailey is looking debonair and cute as always! He definitely gets my vote!

  • Posted by Marg on October 07, 2012

    WE love Bailey and just think he is the best Wedding dog ever. He sure does look cute in that picture. This is the best picture we have seen of him.

  • Posted by Jasper on October 07, 2012

    Hi Bailey you are the best, because you are cute and very nice!

  • Posted by Caillou on October 07, 2012

    I like you Bailey. You look cute in your clothes. I like Peanut Butter too.
    I hope you win.

  • Posted by Iris on October 07, 2012

    How sweet Bailey is!! Bailey has the cutest face. I can just imagine how much joy he brings to his owners with his wonderful personality.

    Bailey, I hope you are invited to many weddings. I am sure that your little bag of treats is something you really look forward to.

    Your fan forever!!

  • Posted by Angel on October 07, 2012

    Bailey is the sweetest dog, loves to be held and loves life. I’m hoping for Bailey to win this year.

  • Posted by Gin on October 06, 2012

    When Bailey goes to a wedding,he always manages to come home with his own little bag of treats and party favors….could that be why he loves weddings so much?

  • Posted by Richard on October 06, 2012

    Love Bailey the Wedding dog…..when he goes to a wedding, he thinks it’s his big day, instead of the bride and groom.

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