Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Kiwi As Lucy

Posted: Oct 16 2012

Halloween Greetings!!  Attached is a photo of Kiwi, my 8 year old Pug.  This year, Kiwi channeled the wonderfully hilarious Lucille Ball and is recreating the classic episode entitled “Job Switching” where Lucy and Ethel go to work at the chocolate factory.  Too bad your contest uses still photos only as our conveyor belt actually works while a hidden boom box blares the Lucy theme show song thanks to my industrious husband.  You might remember, Lucy and Ethel were “forced” to eat the chocolates because they couldn’t wrap fast enough.  Rest assured, a Pug, particularly my little Kiwi, wouldn’t miss one treat on the conveyor belt and would hoover them up long before any hit the ground!!

Hope you enjoy the picture!!  Happy Halloween!


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