Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Bernie As Waldo

Posted: Oct 18 2012

Hi my name is Bernie,

i am a 7 month old St Bernard that loves walks, playing at the dog park and playing with all my toys.  Mom dressed me in this costume because she LOVED Where's Waldo as a kid and spent forever looking through the books.  I can be the most active dog at times and I can be the laziest dogs at times.  But overall I am a good puppy that loves attention and being around people.  And I love my costume, even the silly glasses and hat that is a little too small for my head.  Thank god next year I won't fit in it so I will have to be something else next year.  :)

Thanks for looking at my cute pic.


  • Posted by Alice on October 18, 2012

    WAY TOO cute… What an adorable cuddly puppy you have

  • Posted by Dave on October 18, 2012

    OMG… I can’t believe a saint bernard let you do this! He is a good looking dog :)

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