Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Lilo As Russell From Up

Posted: Oct 22 2012

Lilo Kahlua is dressed as her favorite adventurer Russell from the Pixar movie UP! Lilo Kahlua is a 2.2 pound 1 year old therapy dog and trick dog that loves making children smile and going on new adventurers. he movie Up was one of our favorite movies and we thought it would be great to recreate the house and the Russell costume so our little Lilo could share her adventures with her friends at the hospitals for halloween. The house took over 4 days to build using only paper and glue and is attached to over 350 balloons (and adding). The interior of the house plays the "A Married Life", a song that is played throughout the movie, and has a color changing light sequence that plays throughout the house and into the balloons. Lilo Kahlua wishes you a Happy Halloween!


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