Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Chiquita & Shiloh

Posted: Oct 23 2012

These are my babies 4 year old Chiquita and 3 year old Shiloh dressed as astronaut's on the Nasa shuttle The Endeavour. I had a lot of fun making their stoller into the shuttle and they both love posing for pictures. It's as if they were made to be the most photogenic dogs ever.  We wanted to pay homage to the now retired shuttle The Endeavour and to the late Neil Armstrong and bring smiles to everyones faces too. I hope you all enjoy this photo as much as I do.


  • Posted by Lila on September 20, 2013

    Amazing I think shes my dog I mean she was 4 years old when I gave her away and her name is chiquta and I told the person that I gave her to to keep her name. And is shilo the white one because if not sorry.

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