Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Kolla

Posted: Oct 25 2012

My submission is of my pup Kolla.  Kolla is a very unique rescue dog – she is a 35 pound Peruvian Hairless (Peruvian Inca Orchid) who is actually from Peru!

She was left at a rescue in San Francisco… I had been searching on a dog adoption website for a long time to find a hairless rescue pup.  I have had asthma all my life and could never have an indoor pet.  When I heard there were hairless pups that come up for adoption from time to time, I knew it was my opportunity.  When I found Kolla, I knew she was my heart and soul.  Kolla was brought from Peru, bred in her first heat and was abandoned at a shelter about two months before she had her pups.  After her pups were weaned and homed, Kolla was mine!

We flew her directly from San Francisco to Cincinnati, Ohio where we picked her up at 5:30 in the cargo depot of the airport one really cold October morning.  It took us nearly an hour to get her out of her travel crate… but there she was!!  We went straight to a pet store to grab some staples for her before  bringing her home.  On the way out, it was snowing, but she recognized our car out of an entire parking lot!  She knew she was home.  After driving 3 hours back to Columbus, we had her between us on the couch… I’m not sure who was snoring louder – Kolla or my fiancé.

Kolla loves to dress up.  She prances and gets so excited when she sees clothes in our hands – she thinks even our clothes are for her!  She’ll go anywhere and loves car trips.  In this picture, we took her pumpkin picking at a local U-pick farm.  Kolla picked out this lovely, giant green pumpkin even though it was bigger than her!  Everyone loved seeing her follow her dad through the field back to the car carrying that ‘great pumpkin.’  The pumpkin weighs about 50 pounds – so little 35 pound Kolla was shocked to find a gourd bigger than her!

Kolla is my side-kick, my heart and my joy.  I’m not sure who rescued whom.  We are blessed to have her in our lives.


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