Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Sadie

Posted: Oct 27 2012

Hi! Im Kimmy and this is my dog Sadie! For halloween she is a Miner because she is a "Gold"en Retriever! Hehe. Its my most clever idea! My inspiration in this costume was, that I was trying to figure out what she could be an what could be creative enough. So I proudly thought of this idea totally by myself and have customize this myself as well!  Sadie is a 1and 1/2 year old golden retriever and is super fun loving and is an energetic pup! She is such a sweet dog and an amazing listener. when we brought her home she learned how to sit the next day! Her most
Favorite thing to do is play fetch. I am 100% sure she cluld play all day! Sadie loves tennis balls.. Especially the squeeky ones! Besides playing fetch she absolutely LOVES to swim, jumping off our diving board, to diving under water to get her toys! She also is very excpting and would never hurt any animal or human. One of my cats Oakley and her are best friends. She takes care of him like hes her baby! Since the day i brought him home all she wants is to be around him. They have quite a bond. All in all.. Sadie is the greatest dog anyone could own. She truley is an amazing dog that is extremely loveable and has all the qualities anyone could ever ask for in a dog.

I hope you enjoy this costume as I did making it! :)


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