Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Kiah As Casper

Posted: Oct 29 2012


I am sending a picture to be considered in the halloween photo contest. My dog s name is Kiah (means from a beautiful place), she is a beautiful tiny hairless chinese crested dressed up as a ghost. I chose this costume since it is a classic for Halloween and it matches some of her attributes as she is very quiet and clean like a ghost....Casperkiah! She is 3 years old and would do anything for a treat. She is a natural poser, looks beautiful with anything she wears and loves having clothes on since it warms her up as she is hairless and skiny..a gorgeous dog model:) 

Thank you for creating this contest and hopefully we win


  • Posted by Elsa on November 01, 2012

    Its sweet and lovely

  • Posted by Henzio on October 30, 2012

    Gorgeous! Great job

  • Posted by Ava Ketel on October 29, 2012

    Cutest dog ever!!! an absolute winner

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