Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Panda and Bamboo

Posted: Oct 29 2012


I attached the picture of our furry kids, Chloe and Scooby.  Chloe is 31/2 year-old black puggle, friendly and energetic.  Everybody loves Chloe.  Panda is such a lovable animal, so I thought that it would be perfect to dress her up as a cute little panda.  We rescued Scooby, brown beagle mix about a bit over year ago, and Chloe and Scooby have been best friends since first day they met.  Panda loves Bamboo, so I decided to dress him up as a bamboo.  Both costumes are hand-made by me:)
Hope you enjoy the picture of Panda Chloe and Bamboo Scooby!

Happy Halloween!


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