Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Achilles The King

Posted: Oct 31 2012

I would like to enter my nephew “Achilles” into your Halloween dog costume contest.  Achilles is three years old and we (my brother, his wife and myself) rescued him from a dog shelter (Shamrock House) in Kentucky.  We saw him on-line and fell in love with him. We live in New York State, so we had to drive about 13 hours to bring home this adorable puppy dog!  Achilles was no longer wanted by his owners so they kept him in a cage in the basement and tied to a tree. He never got any attention and was barely fed.  A neighbor reported this abuse and that’s when the Shamrock House stepped in. 
Since we brought him home…he has lived like a king.  He is my brother and sister-in-law’s dog and they spoil him to no end.  My brother travels a lot in his job, so when he is away my Mom and I watch him at my house.  This dog is never left alone.  He gets more attention than most kids.  He has turned out to be a beautiful, loving …sweet dog that is so smart and  he understands a huge vocabulary of words. 
My Mom (Achilles’ Grammy as we call her) sewed the costume below.  We felt that since Achilles now lives in a beautiful house, is very spoiled and lives like a king, only a king’s robe and crown would be appropriate for this very special dog.
Thanks for considering Achilles as a candidate in your contest.


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