Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Elton John The Knight

Posted: Nov 01 2012

Elton is a cavalier king Charles spaniel. The breed originated from Royal Spaniels of King Charles II. They can truly act like they think they are Royal and especially Elton. I sometimes call him Sir Elton and that is why I thought a knight costume was perfect.

I adopted Elton over a year ago and he has quite the personality. He thinks he is King of the Castle.  He sleeps in the bed with me. Sometimes I get pushed to the side of the bed, but if Elton is comfortable he will not budge.  He is only 12 pounds but he can hang with the big dogs. As you can see from this photo, he has eyes and can look at you and your heart melts.



  • Posted by Sheila Taylor on November 02, 2012

    What a precious baby! So cute and sweet!

  • Posted by Kay on November 01, 2012

    What a precious pup.

  • Posted by Anne on November 01, 2012

    Elton is a VERY handsome Knight. His costume is adorable, but look at that expression!!

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