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Posted: May 01 2013

Quotes About Dogs

We love dogs, and after almost ten years in the dog supply business, we've come across plenty of inspirational quotes about dogs. It recently occurred to us that sharing them with our readers might be a great idea! 

So, we've started a favorite Quotes About Dogs page. 

Check it out and maybe you'll find a quote that hits close to home. Have a quote we should add? Let us know!


  • Posted by Steve Bowe on September 10, 2013

    Quote from Barbara Sykes – Border Collie expert:

    The Border Collie is the epitome of all we may ever desire in a dog, a friend and a partner. Honesty, integrity and loyalty are second nature to a collie and they will work until they can go no further. Yet for all their willingness to give they are not submissive, they are proud of their heritage and they do not suffer fools gladly. Look beyond the colour of the coat and the cloak they wear labelled ‘dog’, search inside and reach its soul for once there you will be trapped in a world of unbelievable love and honesty. You will have found true beauty, for the wonderful qualities within this breed are always there waiting to be unlocked and are what make it truly beautiful. Drink in its grace, speed and stamina, for rarely has so much to come together so perfectly in so small a package

  • Posted by Jack Z. Lucas on August 07, 2013

    “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” – Agnes Sligh Turnbull

    Love this quote,

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