Your Dog and Guests At The Door

Posted: Feb 21 2009

December 16th, 2006

However sweet and loving your dog is, no one likes to have a dog jump up to greet them. Few people anticipate such problems, yet they are common among dog owners, especially those with newly adopted dogs, puppies, and generally exuberant canines. Potential problems can be avoided and resolved with the following advice.

You can set your dog up for success by having a dog leash and healthy dog treats by the front door and in your pocket at all times.

Situation 1: Friends & Your Dog
If you’re out on the street and you see a friend approaching, ask your dog to sit, then step on the leash so that if the dog tries to jump up the leash will stop him. As your friend approaches say “Off” to the dog. If your dog focuses his attention on you and not the approaching person, say “Yes” and give him a treat. If your dog tries to jump, the leash will stop him. Say “Off” once again slowly, and until after a few repetitions your dog looks toward you as if to say “what’s going on?”. At this point you can reinforce him with the word “Yes” and a cookie.

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