Now That’s Teamwork

Posted: Mar 04 2009

Originally published January 30th, 2007

sled dog

A Norwegian man credited his dogs for saving his life during a harrowing snowstorm in Norway. According to the Aftenposten Jonny Roger Seem, an experienced musher and outdoorsman, was trapped in a blizzard for three days with his sled dogs.

Seem told reporters, “The weather was so bad that [the dogs] simply laid down in the snow, as if they were saying ‘here’s where we’re camping’.” He continued, “They were the sensible ones, when I wanted to keep going.”

Hampered by the violent snowstorm, a rescue crew was finally able to locate Seem and his dogs after three days of searching. Seem and his dogs were taken to a nearby hospital and all found in to be remarkable shape.



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