PupLife.com Interview With The Dog Whisperer

Posted: Mar 04 2009

Originally published January 5th, 2007

PupLife.com recently interviewed dog trainer Paul Owens, author of the Dog Whisperer Book and host of the acclaimed Dog Whisperer Training DVD. In this exclusive interview, Paul preaches dog training with love, respect and care- something that we can get behind 100%. According to Paul, “Studies have shown a direct connection between how we interact with animals and how we treat each other as human beings. So we teach positive, nonviolent dog training. That means no hitting, kicking, shocking, shaking or jerking methods are ever employed. No choke, prong or shock collars are ever used. In essence, we strive to provide 9 essential ingredients for the happiest healthiest relationship possible.” Read the full Dog Whisperer Interview at http://www.puplife.com.


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